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    How to distinguish medium and low pressure fans

    date:2021-06-23 17:02 click:

    The principle of high-pressure fan pressure is: after the switch power supply is connected, the fan rotates. Because the centrifugal impeller has concave groove design scheme, it will promote the gas fluidity. Therefore, the gas enters the pump body according to the air inlet, and the gas is stirred in it. Each concave groove goes through the increase of vortex type, and the circulation system increases one by one, * and finally produces strong cyclone kinetic energy, According to the exhaust port, it is discharged out of the pump shell for application. Refer to the dynamic diagram of the basic principle of vortex air pump.
    The motor drives the centrifugal impeller to rotate. The edge of the centrifugal impeller is a fan blade group with the same size and uniform drilling amount. There is a certain distance between the fan blade and the middle of the fan blade, and the clearance between the centrifugal impeller and the shell is small.
    When the centrifugal impeller starts to rotate, the pump body will cause working pressure. The unique design scheme in the high-pressure fan is not easy to reverse the gas flow. According to the side groove of the safety passage on the left side of the pump shell, the gas will be reduced after it enters the pump body and the centrifugal impeller rotates. Because of the basic principle of centripetal force, the centrifugal impeller will rotate, Multiple leaf direction signs promote the steam body to move forward, and the pump body will produce a series of spiral gas flow. After several rotations, the gas in the middle of the cutter head of the centrifugal impeller will rotate in a spiral shape until it can be discharged out of the pump shell through the exhaust
    Relevant working pressure: when gas enters the pump body, it passes through the centrifugal impeller and side groove along a spiral track. Each centrifugal impeller plate is lifted to reduce and accelerate the gas. With the continuous development of rotation, the mechanical energy of the steam body will be increased more and more, and the air pressure according to the safety channel along the side will be further improved. When the gas reaches the node of the side groove and the blowdown flange, the steam body is squeezed into the leaves and discharged out of the pump shell according to the inlet and outlet muffler.
    The working pressure size of high-pressure fan is related to the output power. The higher the working pressure of fan, the greater the rated power of motor to be used, and the reflection and key will be relative,If there are any problems in customer model selection, you can call the service hotline of Suzhou greex Industrial Co., Ltd(Mr.Liu  15862355312),Our company has professional and technical personnel to answer for you in detail。

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