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    Parameters of high pressure fan

    date:2021-06-23 17:12 click:

    100% oil free, no water compression, all motors of air ring vacuum pump are IP55 protection grade and F-class insulation
    Dual frequency (50 / 60Hz) and wide voltage can meet the voltage level of almost all regions in the world. Bearing external design can withstand higher working temperature and improve operation reliability and service life
    The introduction of a new concept of variable frequency drive can improve the performance to 300% compared with ordinary motor drive. The unique sealing form between impeller and pump body can reduce the pressure loss in the process of gas compression
    The pump shell and impeller are formed by die casting mould, which is durable and has excellent heat dissipation. Precision machine tools imported from Germany and Japan are used for machining and cutting to ensure accuracy and quality. The surface of the air pump is treated with protective paint

    Up to more than 100 types of products can meet the requirements of your specific applications, using wide voltage dual frequency (50 / 60Hz) motor, protection grade IP55 (insulation grade F), in any part of the world
    Where, it can be used with the spirit ring vacuum pump and 
    High pressure fan.
    And whether in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Greeks can deliver in a very short time, our batch inventory products can meet your needs at any time.


    The most common parameters of high pressure fan are shown in the figure below:


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