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    Model of high pressure fan

    date:2021-06-23 17:12 click:

    According to the centralized pipeline system software, the plastic raw materials are transferred from the discharge tank to the central government dehumidification and drying system software, and then the dry raw materials are transferred to each plastic machine. Software selection of central feeding system; One device, one tube & quot; In addition, the selection of high-pressure explosion-proof blower model can also avoid the raw material anti moisture after dehumidification. In addition, after the model parameters of each high-pressure fan are selected, the transportation operation of the fan is stable, and there is absolutely no material blockage

    Main features of vacuum suction full air high pressure blower:
    First, it can not only absorb materials, but also supply materials to the suction machine by electric hair dryer.
    Second, pollution-free, environmental protection and safety. Most of the operations are oil-free. More to ensure that the raw materials clean!
    Third, the pressure is high, the wind is strong, the efficiency is high, and the noise is low, which will not cause confusion to the nearby geographical environment.
    Fourth, the vacuum suction all air high pressure blower is very durable, maintenance is very easy, and most of them are maintenance free.
    Fifthly, in the whole process of operation, the industrial equipment of vacuum suction all air high pressure blower is not damaged much, and its service life is at least three years.
    Sixthly, it is very easy and fast to assemble the full air high-pressure fan after the model selection.


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